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We include the following in our Property Management Services:

We rent or lease the space.  Set up a working written lease contract with the tenants (most important).  We offer rent or sell packages.  This "sell or rent" provides cash flow for the owner while still marketing the property for sale.  We collect the rents.  We evict the tenants if they do not pay the rent (our payment requirements).  We provide a "free" phone call if rent is two days late and contact owner with reason for non-payment.  We then issue a 14-day Notice to Vacate (via constable/sheriff) immediately if reason is not deemed valid by owner.  (This prompts an immediate site evaluation and inspection and is when the rent and security deposit receipt and condition statement comes in handy -- do you have this on file?)  We would hold all leases for four years.  We also update them 90 days before termination.   We ask for tenants written notice or write another lease.

We provide office accounting and bill paying customized for your needs.  (Go to Florida and enjoy yourself!!)  We send rents via Federal Express next-day-air service when funds clear the account or wire transfer from our Massachusetts State bonded escrow account. We provide 24-hour on-call services. Included all staff cell phone and two-way radio equipped.

We have construction licenses to pull permits for you if needed. . We provide in-house property maintenance. We provide complete landscape construction as well as construction service packages. Our references and accounts include Mahoney's Rocky Ledge, Weston, and Northeast Nurseries. Our rates are as follows: homes and apartments are $100.00 per month, charged to owner. Five or more units save 50%.  We charge 6% on multi-unit site properties, based on percentage of gross lease amounts collected.

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